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Magnetic Lashes For Asian Eyes

At QuincyLash, we have a pair of magnetic lash for everyday.

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Worldwide fast priority shipping direct from Singapore.

30x All Day Uses

Depending on your care, our magnetic lash can last 30x all day uses. 

Cut For Asian Eyes

Lashes cut to fit most Asian eyes. Lashes you can barely feel.

Preferred by Asians

Designs preferred by Asians. Lashes specifically curated for you.

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What We Do

Magnetic Lashes For Asian Eyes

We specialise in easy magnetic false lashes perfectly fitted for Asian eyes. Breeze through the daily grind with no worries of "over-doing" your makeup. We believe in enhancing your beauty without loads of time and effort.

We Just Split Them Up!

Introducing Individual Lash Options

We hear you! Now, you can buy our magnetic lashes individually without the liner. Gain more control over your lash experience!

Our Lashes Just Got Upgraded Too...

No longer 5, but 10 micro magnets on each lash.

Providing even stronger hold for all day use. And, making our lashes highly trimmable to your specific eye length. 

To our existing customers, we are keeping our prices the same. Thank you so much for your support! All our lashes will now be 10 magnets.

Old Lash

New Lash


Magnetic Lash

How It Works

Apply the magic magnetic eyeliner to your lash line. 

Wait 60 seconds to dry.

Bring magnetic lash close to your lash line and watch it snap into place.

And your are DONE!


What They Say



One of the best magnetic lashes I’ve tried. Have been wearing them the whole day today and they look so fluffy and it’s super comfortable and easy to put them on too! My eyes are always too sensitive for falsies but these magnetic lashes doesn’t use any glue so it will not irritate your eyes 😍💓 Thank you @thequincylash for these amazing lashes 💕 #quincylash

Wearing Lucia Magnetic



@thequincylash has the best magnetic lashes, hands down! Love how easy it is to apply and remove 💗 It holds up super well throughout the day too 😍 Great for beginners🥰 Mine’s in Cora!

Wearing Cora Magnetic



Look at what came through my door. A magnetic eyelash 😍  Thank you @thequincylash for this awesome eyelash. All it takes is only 1 minute to put on.
Simple, convenient and comfortable
Just apply eyeliner, stick on in place and you are done!

Wearing Mira Magnetic

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