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Kitty Magnetic (Lash Kit)
Kitty Magnetic (Lash Kit)
Kitty Magnetic (Lash Kit)
Kitty Magnetic (Lash Kit)
Kitty Magnetic (Lash Kit)
Kitty Magnetic (Lash Kit)

Kitty Magnetic (Lash Kit)

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Adore cats and wondering how you can achieve the cute cat eyes look? Now you can with Kitty magnetics.

One ends slightly shorter and then gradually longer towards the outer ends of the eyes. Kitty magnetic makes you look as cute as a kitty cat.

Good For:

  • Women who like the cute look.
  • Try a different cat-eye design eyelash.

A Complete Lash Kit Set:

  • 1 pair of Kitty Magnetic lashes.
  • 1 bottle of magic magnetic eyeliner.
  • 1 specialise magnetic lash tweezer
  • 1 eyelash carry case.

How To Apply?

  • Shake eyeliner bottle.
  • Apply eyeliner to your eyes.
  • Wait 60 seconds to dry.
  • Snap magnetic eyelash to your eyes.

QuincyLash Magnetic Lash

Our magnetic lashes are custom cut to fit most Asian eyes. They snap-on instead of stick, so they put on easy and quick. For first-time use, put them on in only 2 minutes or less. Subsequent use, much quicker!

Powered by 10 micro magnets, our lashes hold strong all day. They are wind, water and smudge proof. No more icky glue to deal with, no more struggle, no more mess.

They are kinder to your eyes and highly reusable too. Depending on your care, for up to x30 use. Now, beautiful false lashes are so easy and quick!

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Sharin K
Kitty lashes for the perfect cat eye look!

Always had eyelash extensions on but on days where I am waiting for appointment, I wished I had some falsies that can stand in. Tried different type of falsies but could never master the art of putting them on until I found quincylash! The liner was easy to apply and the magnets on the lash just clicks on instantly! I definitely made the right choice with this pair!

Hello Sharin, thank you so much for the review and the video! You look so beautiful with Kitty! So glad that you love the lashes! ❤️

Wendy Lim
Hello Kitty

Yesterday start to try Hello Kitty it was amazing looks natural my friend tot is I do my leshes I say is I bought from quincy. I had another set which is Hana have not try yet. Thank you.

Hello Wendy, thank you so much for the review! Glad that you love the lashes!❤️❤️❤️

Sally Wong
Good looking

The Quincy lash is easy to use and give sharp and good looking eye lashes. But the magnetic eyeliner can't stay long on the eye brow. Usually after 6 hours, eyeliner have to reapply in order to hold the magnetic eyelash.

Hello Sally, thank you for the review! We are glad that you like the lashes! For extra hold, you could add another layer of eyeliner after the first one has dried.

And regarding ' have to reapply the eyeliner after 6 hours'. Can I ask if you have oily eyelids after 6 hours? In that case, we suggest wearing an eye primer. This may control the oil and make the lashes stay on longer. Do reach out to us on Whatsapp or email if you need more assistance regarding this.❤️

J Tan
Glam up easily

2nd pair within a month. Enough said.

Jinny Sim
Line, snap, adjust & all set!

This is my second attempt at trying magnetic lashes, and Quincy Lash is easy to apply! Took a while for my first try, but hopefully I would be more adept at it with practice :)