Mari Kate Accent Lash

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Type: Lash + Liner
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Mari Kate Accent magnetic lash kit contains both glam and natural accent lashes in a set.

Shaped in a cat eye style, these lash matches your natural lash and then gradually lengthens towards the outer eye. It enhances your natural beauty...subtly.

Mari Lash - Longer and comes with a shorter band. With D-Curls that lift the eyes, making them look big and bright. The shorter bands add a touch of glam without being too overly dramatic.

Kate Lash - Shorter and comes with a longer band. With CC-Curls that opens the eyes. The longer bands gradually enhance your real lash for a flirty alluring look.

Wear these lashes to enhance your natural beauty for a playful, flirty, barely there look.

Good For:

  • Women looking for the "makeup, no makeup" look.
  • Everyday wear to enhance your real lash for a playful or flirty look.



Mari: 6 - 12 mm

Kate: 4 -9 mm



Glamorous curl, on short lashes equals visible but not dramatic.



"Half circle" for lash divas.


Mari: Criss cross

Kate: Criss cross

Accent lash

Material Korean silk lash


  • 1 pair of Mari Magnetic lash.
  • 1 pair of Kate Magnetic lash.
  • 1 eyelash carry case.
  • 1 Magnet Eyeliner (Lash + Liner option only)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jas Loh

Good product

Thank you so much for your feedback! We are glad to know you loved our product ❤️

Aveline Chan
V pretty!

Love the longer lashes at the end.

Hello Aveline Chan, thank you for the review! Glad that you love our new half lash! ❤️