Magnetic Lash Kit Starter Pack

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Want to get a head start with magnetic lash?

Now you can with our Magnetic Lash Kit Starter Pack. Get our two most popular magnetic lash kit (Esme and Cora) for a special price in this bundle pack.

Like two close sisters, Esme and Cora work well together.

Esme is our dramatic magnetic lash. Good for those special occasions where you need to look extra gorgeous.

Cora is our subtle magnetic lash. Good for everyday wear, it enhances your real lash to make you look extra pretty during the day.

Together they are perfect. They got you covered for all your eyelash makeup needs. Never worry about your eyelash makeup again.

Plus this starter pack also includes our signature Pretty Pink Lash Curler. This lash curler is designed with an arch that's higher than usual, giving you more intense curl with your lash every time.

And all these are neatly packed in our Pretty Holographic Makeup Bag. Gorgeous and perfectly sized to hold all your everyday beauty tools.

Each Lash Kit Starter Pack Includes:

  • 1 pair of Esme Magnetic lash (U.P S$17.00)
  • 1 pair of Cora Magnetic lash (U.P S$17.00)
  • 2 bottle of Magic Magnetic Eyeliner (U.P S$58.00)
  • 1 Pretty Pink Lash Curler (U.P S$17.00)
  • 1 Pretty Holographic Makeup Bag (U.P S$22.00)

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Happy purchase. Easy to use

Cora is natural. Same too dramatic. Will repeat order to try other designs.

Hi ♥ Thank you for your kind and honest review. We really appreciate it and we are glad to know that you are happy with your purchase and that you found our lashes easy to use.

Christine Lee
Repeat order

Very happy with my Quincy lash.

Very easy to apply and stays on the entire day.

Hello Christine Thank you so much for giving us a feedback! We are so glad that you're happy with our product. We really appreciate it.

Aishah Jaffar
My eyes are outstandingly gorgeous

I am above 50yo & hardly with make-up on. I always envious to see women of any age have their make-up on especially with beautiful eye make-up and lashes. So, I brave myself to buy Quincy Lash for myself just to give a little booster to my confidence. I do not do/know-how full make-up on my face and like to go natural but having these lashes makes lots of difference. I looked plain-Jane but with outstandingly gorgeous eyes. I must say it looks so natural but fuller and I have received many compliments. Improving my line drawing on my eye lids with stable hand day-to-day and the best part is how easy the lash snapped and stay on the whole day. It was a great purchase and there are no regrets at all. My confidence is high rocketing. Thank you, Quincy Lash! :)

Thank you so much Aishah for this review! We appreciate you for taking the time to write us a very positive feedback. We are so glad that you loved our lashes! ❤️

Christina Poon
Not quite suitable

I am a beginner in eyelash application. I find the starter pack too harsh for me. You should have a starter kit with more subtle lashes.

Thank you Christina for taking the time to give us a review. We understand that everyone's preferences are different and we strive to offer a range of options to cater to our customer's needs. We appreciate your suggestion and will use your feedback to further improve.

We offer a range of options, our starter pack included our most popular lashes. In the meantime, we would like to suggest some of our other natural lash styles that you may be interested in checking out, such as Hana, Tori, Demi, or Isla. These styles are shorter and more natural-looking and may be more suitable for your needs.

Callie Lim

It’s easy to apply but I feel the magnetic strips is too dark n make the daily wear more noticeable n not that natural compared to lashes extension

Hello Callie, thank you so much for your review! ❤️ Yupe the strip will match the dark magnetic eyeliner, so it is practically invisible unless someone looked at it super close.