Lily Grace Accent Lash

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Type: Lash + Liner
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The Lily Grace Accent magnetic lash kit offers a perfect balance of charm and sophistication for your everyday look.

Crafted to blend with your natural lashes, it creates a captivating style that exudes confidence and grace.

Lily Lash - A medium-length lash with C-Curls, designed to subtly improve your natural lash. Ideal for a soft, elegant look that enhances your eyes while maintaining a touch of understated sophistication.

Grace Lash - A lash that balances length and volume, featuring D-Curls that elevate and draw attention to your eyes. Grace Lashes provide a touch of glamour without going over the top.

Wear Lily Grace Accent Magnetic Lash Kit and let your inner beauty shine through with ease.

Good For:

  • Women looking for the "makeup, no makeup" look.
  • Everyday wear to enhance your real lash for a sophisticated look.



Lily: 5 - 11 mm

Grace: 6 - 1 mm



Visually lift and open eyes without being dramatic.



Glamorous curl, on short lashes equals visible but not dramatic.


Lily: Criss cross

Grace: Criss cross

Accent lash

Material Korean silk lash


  • 1 pair of Lily Magnetic lash.
  • 1 pair of Grace Magnetic lash.
  • 1 eyelash carry case.
  • 1 Magnet Eyeliner (Lash + Liner option only)

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