Dawn Magnetic Lash

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Type: Lash + Liner
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Light up your look with Dawn Magnetic Lash. This glam lash features a dynamic mix of short and long strands, artfully arranged for a flirty babydoll look. 

With CC-Curls ranging from a subtle 7mm to an expressive 12mm, Dawn gently opens up the eyes, creating a lively, playful look for its wearer.

Wear Dawn Magnetic lash and be flirty, lively and playful every day.

Good For:

  • Women who love to playfully express their flirty side.
  • Try a lash with a dynamic mix of short and long strands.


Length 7 - 12 mm

"Half circle" for lash divas.


Fan shape

Short long mix

Natural lash

Material Korean silk lash

A Complete Lash Kit Set:

  • 1 pair of Dawn Magnetic lash.
  • 1 eyelash carry case.
  • 1 Magnet Eyeliner (Lash + Liner Option only)

[NEW] Introducing Individual Lash Options

We hear you! Now, you can buy our magnetic lashes individually without the liner. Gain more control over your lash experience!

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Customer Reviews

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Cheryl Tsoi

Dawn Magnetic (Lash)

Thank you Cheryl for taking the time to give us a review. We are really glad that you liked the Dawn Lash. ♥

Difficulty in sticking the lashes

i am having difficulty in placing the lashes. Not sure if I hv missed any step, as the lashes did not stick firmly on the glue after applying and rest for 60secs. Nevertheless will try again.

Hi. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We understand your frustration and we really appreciate and we're glad to know of your enthusiasm to try it again. We will reach out privately to render further assistance to make the 2nd try easier.