Type: Lash + Liner


14 天有缺陷的睫毛套


喜歡貓咪,想要擁有像貓咪一樣可愛又明亮的眼睛嗎?有了Kitty 磁性睫毛就可做到啦!



  • 喜歡淘氣可愛眼妝的女性
  • 想嘗試另類貓式眼妝的女性


長度 6 - 12 mm

Golden middle of J and C. Straight with curlier flick.





材質 韓國絲綢睫毛


  • 一副KITTY磁性假睫毛
  • 一個假睫毛便攜盒
  • 一瓶磁力眼線液(僅限睫毛+眼線的套裝)

[全新推出] 個別式睫毛選項


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Customer Reviews

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Adeline Tan
Kitty lash review

The length is abit long. Can be slightly shorter for asian. Also I find the lash abit too long too. Can have short but kitty look type too

Hi Adeline ♥ Thank you for taking the time to write us a review.
Our lashes was upgraded to 10 magnets from previously having only 5. This way our lashes become highly adjustable and trimmable to your liking.

We will reach out to you privately to discuss the details on how to trim our lashes. Watch out for our email on your inbox, also be sure to check your junk mails or the spam folder.


Sexy design, easy to apply and lasting throughout the day! Wore it for my work out too! This is already my third purchase! Will recommend to my friends!

Hi Jacqueline. Thank you so much for giving us such positive review. We really appreciate it. We are also glad that you loved Kitty lashes. We hope you'd try our other designs. Thank you again and also thank you for recommending us to your peers. ❤️

Sharin K
Kitty lashes for the perfect cat eye look!

Always had eyelash extensions on but on days where I am waiting for appointment, I wished I had some falsies that can stand in. Tried different type of falsies but could never master the art of putting them on until I found quincylash! The liner was easy to apply and the magnets on the lash just clicks on instantly! I definitely made the right choice with this pair!

Hello Sharin, thank you so much for the review and the video! You look so beautiful with Kitty! So glad that you love the lashes! ❤️

Wendy Lim
Hello Kitty

Yesterday start to try Hello Kitty it was amazing looks natural my friend tot is I do my leshes I say is I bought from quincy. I had another set which is Hana have not try yet. Thank you.

Hello Wendy, thank you so much for the review! Glad that you love the lashes!❤️❤️❤️

Sally Wong
Good looking

The Quincy lash is easy to use and give sharp and good looking eye lashes. But the magnetic eyeliner can't stay long on the eye brow. Usually after 6 hours, eyeliner have to reapply in order to hold the magnetic eyelash.

Hello Sally, thank you for the review! We are glad that you like the lashes! For extra hold, you could add another layer of eyeliner after the first one has dried.

And regarding ' have to reapply the eyeliner after 6 hours'. Can I ask if you have oily eyelids after 6 hours? In that case, we suggest wearing an eye primer. This may control the oil and make the lashes stay on longer. Do reach out to us on Whatsapp or email if you need more assistance regarding this.❤️