We Are Splitting Them Up

Introducing Individual Lash Options On 16 May 2023
Our lashes and liner are saying goodbye to each other.

With that, we're excited to announce a change that gives you more control over your lash experience!

We've heard your requests:
"Can I buy just the lash?"

"I still have some liner; can I get only the lashes?"

"Is it possible to purchase the lash separately?"
On 16th May 2023, we're making it happen!

We're splitting up our lash kits, so you can buy our magnetic lashes individually without the liner. Choose exactly what you need and explore different lash styles!

QuincyLash began with individual lash kit as an all-in-one lash solution. Over time, we've realised our customers want more flexibility in their purchases. We've received feedback requesting individual items, and WE LISTENED.

Starting 16th May 2023, enjoy the freedom to mix and match your favourite lashes and liners, all while sporting a fresh new look with our revamped packaging.

Create your perfect look, and experiment with a variety of lashes. Buy what you need, create what you love, try many different lashes!
Common Questions
What is happening on 16 May 2023?

We're separating our individual lash kit! You'll be able to purchase just the lash and liner individually, giving you the freedom to try different lash styles and only get what you need.

What will be the new price of the lashes and liner?

Starting 16th May 2023, our liner will be priced at $29 SGD, accent lashes (2 half lashes) at $25, and individual lashes at $17 each.

Will the original lash kit still be available for purchase, or is it being phased out?

You can still purchase our original lash kit from now until 16 May 2023, or while stocks last. After that, you'll be able to mix and match individual items for a customised experience.

Is the Magic Magnetic Eyeliner suitable for the different lashes?

Absolutely! Our Magic Magnetic Eyeliner is compatible with all QuincyLash magnetic lashes. Feel free to mix and match different styles using the same magnetic eyeliner.

Stay tuned: we're also planning to launch magnetic eyeliners in various shades in the future!